If you are looking for a gift to give to your beer-loving friend or family member then look no further than our amazing Cornish beer gift boxes that offer something for everyone. As beer connoisseurs, we like to think that our range of Cornish beer hampers is difficult to beat.

We've personally hand-picked (and tasted) some of the best ale from across Cornwall, then matched it with some other top produce to create hampers for all occasions. In this blog post, we share some of our favourite and most popular beer gift hampers that will make the perfect gift for Christmas, their birthday or any other special occasion.

'Golds, Blondes & IPAs' Golden Beers

Gold, Blonde and IPA beers, brewed predominantly using pale malts to achieve light golden colours and a gentle biscuit flavour base. An emphasis on hops in the recipe usually promotes dominant, resinous, citrus and fruit flavours in this style of beer.

Classic Cornish Cheese & Ale Hamper

This Cornish cheese and ale hamper is a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to settle down with a good plate of cheese and biscuits. Add in a bottle or two of classic Cornish ale and you've got the perfect hamper for any occasion.

'A Passage To India' Cornish IPA

'A Passage To India' Cornish IPA gift box features the finest IPA Cornwall has to offer. India Pale Ale was developed in the mid 1800s for the export market, highly hopped and slightly higher in alcohol content than most beer at that time.

Vegan Hot & Spicy Cornish Lunch Hamper

A fantastic vegan lunchtime treat from Cornwall, this gift combines two fabulous pasties with a Mediterranean twist and one of Cornwall's most famous beers.

'Cornwall's Champions' Beer Gift Box

Cornwall's three best known best bitters, heavily decorated in terms of brewing awards, feature in this fantastic gift box. Betty Stogs, Tribute and Doom Bar need no introduction. A real treat for any ale lover, savour these classics! A perfect gift for any occasion, this box can be delivered to your door and you can add a free personalised message.

Classic Pils & Pasty Hamper

A classic combination of pasties and pilsner, this satisfying treat is a great gift for any special occasion. Features two traditional Cornish pasties and a refreshing choice of beer, making this the best lunch you'll ever have.

Classic Cornish Real Ale Hamper

The ultimate hamper for ale enthusiasts, containing a range of premium quality Cornish real ales, including Tribute and Doom Bar. The perfect gift set for anyone looking to try something new or simply relax with a few of their ale favourites.  

'Dark & Mysterious' Stout & Porter Gift Box

For those who love a darker beer, this collection of Cornish stout, porter and dark ale is a truly seductive combination. Enjoy this mixed case from some of Cornwall's finest breweries, featuring a selection of rich, full-bodied and robust choices.

You can browse our entire range of Cornish beer gift boxes here and Cornish beer hampers here.

Post By Rosie Burnman