Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude to the remarkable fathers in our lives, and what better way to do so than with a thoughtfully crafted hamper filled with goodies tailored just for him? At Classic Cornish Hampers, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift, which is why we have handpicked an extensive range of Father's Day hampers that are sure to impress. From indulgent treats to savoury delights, our hampers are meticulously crafted to provide Dad with the ultimate treats he will love. With a vast selection of Father's Day themed hampers, we offer a variety of options to suit every Dad's taste and preference.

Whether your Dad is a lover of fine wines, gourmet snacks, or has a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, we have the perfect hamper to make this Father's Day truly memorable.


What better way to put a smile on Dad's face than with our 'Golds, Blondes & IPAs' Golden Beers Gift Box? This carefully curated selection of beers is bound to delight his taste buds. From smooth golden ales to refreshing blondes and hoppy IPAs, each bottle is a flavour-packed treasure waiting to be enjoyed. Whether he's relaxing in the backyard or hosting a gathering with friends, Dad can crack open a cold one and savour the warm weather with this incredible assortment of beers. Treat him to the ultimate beer experience with our 'Golds, Blondes & IPAs' Golden Beers Gift Box and make this Father's Day truly memorable.


This thoughtfully curated hamper is a fantastic choice to surprise Dad and show your appreciation. Inside, you'll find a delightful selection of five of the best Cornish ciders, carefully sourced from across the county. Each cider offers a unique flavour profile, showcasing the rich heritage of Cornwall's cider-making tradition.

To complement the refreshing ciders, we've included a variety of savoury nibbles that pair perfectly with the crisp and fruity notes of the ciders.


Is your dad a cheese lover? If so, we have the perfect indulgence for him - our Cornish Cheese Lover's Treat Hamper! Treat Dad to a cheesy delight with this fabulous gift hamper that is specially curated for cheese enthusiasts. Inside, you'll find all the perfect ingredients for a traditional and savoury cheese tea.

Start with deliciously baked scones as the foundation, then elevate the experience with locally sourced gourmet cheese and butter from Cornwall's finest producers. Choose from a selection of delectable chutneys to add the perfect finishing touch to this cheese lover's dream. With every bite, Dad will experience the rich flavors and textures of Cornish cheese, complemented by the subtle sweetness of the scones and the tangy notes of the chutney. It's a symphony of tastes that will leave his taste buds craving for more.


Is your dad a lover of ale? We have the perfect gift for him - the St Austell Brewery Tribute & Branded Pint Glass Gift Set. This fantastic set is a true delight for any ale enthusiast. It includes two bottles of the renowned Tribute ale, crafted by the esteemed St Austell Brewery, known for their commitment to brewing excellence. But that's not all! The set also includes a matching pint glass, proudly branded with the St Austell Brewery logo. Dad can enjoy his favourite ale in style, sipping from this high-quality glass that enhances the tasting experience.

With its well-balanced flavour and rich character, Tribute ale is a true gem in the world of ales. It's the perfect accompaniment to relaxing evenings, celebratory moments, or simply enjoying good company. Your Dad will appreciate the thought and care put into this gift set, allowing him to savour the taste of exceptional ale at home.


Is your father a lover of all things cider and cheese? This Father's Day, why not treat him to the ultimate indulgence with the Dad's Cornish Cider & Cheese Hamper? Packed full of the finest savoury produce and a couple of bottles of Cornwall's best cider, it's the perfect gift for the cider and cheese connoisseur.

Inside this carefully curated hamper, you'll find a selection of delights to tantalise your Dad's taste buds. First, there's the Cornish Blue Cheese, a mild, creamy, and rich handmade blue cheese that will melt in his mouth. Accompanying it is the Cornish Orchards Country Chutney, a delightful condiment that perfectly complements cheese and crackers. Of course, no cider and cheese experience would be complete without the finest ciders from Cornwall. The hamper includes two iconic choices: Healey's Cornish Rattler, a famous cloudy cider with a bite, and Polgoon Cider, a lightly sparkling and refreshing cider that will tease your Father's palate.


Does your father love the taste of crisp and flavoursome ciders? This Father's Day, why not stock him up with our infamous 12 Cracking Cornish Ciders Gift Box? It's the ultimate cider gift that will surely delight his taste buds. Known as the best cider gift for dads, this selection is sure to impress. Inside this carefully crafted gift box, your father will discover twelve cracking ciders from across Cornwall, offering a diverse range of flavours and styles. It's the perfect opportunity for him to try new and exciting cider varieties. The gift box includes six different offerings, with two bottles of each, ensuring there's plenty to enjoy.

Among the delightful ciders included are the Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider, a sparkling cider with rich, fruity aromas that will awaken Dad's senses. There's also the Cornish Orchards Golden Cider, lightly sparkling and boasting a crisp and refreshing finish that's perfect for warm summer days. Of course, no cider selection would be complete without Healey's Rattler Cider, a beloved favourite that never disappoints.


Indeed, just like the title suggests, our 'Dark & Mysterious' Stout & Porter Gift Box lives up to its name. It's the perfect choice for any dad who enjoys the rich and captivating flavours of darker beers. This collection of Cornish stouts, porters, and dark ales is a truly seductive combination that will entice your Dad's taste buds. Inside this enticing gift box, you'll find a curated selection of the finest offerings from Cornwall's breweries. Each beer is carefully chosen to showcase the richness, depth, and robustness that dark beers are known for. It's a chance for your Dad to indulge in a mixed case of exceptional brews, all crafted by local Cornish breweries.


Who doesn't enjoy a good traditional Cornish pasty? Well, why not make this Father's Day extra special by treating your beloved father to a whole box of 12 of them? These irresistible pasties embody the authentic taste of Cornwall and are sure to delight his taste buds. Handcrafted with care, these traditional Cornish pasties are made with flaky, golden shortcrust pastry and filled with locally sourced beef skirt, potatoes, swede, onion, and a perfect blend of seasonings. Each bite is a nostalgic journey to the heart of Cornwall, where the pasty is a beloved culinary icon.

To ensure their freshness and convenience, the pasties will arrive frozen and ready to be cooked. You can even order them ahead of time and keep them frozen until Father's Day, creating a delightful surprise for your dad. Pair these mouthwatering pasties with a great beer, and you have the perfect combination for a memorable Father's Day feast.

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