Top 8 Mother’s Day Gift Hampers 2020

Monday, 9th of March 2020

Here at Classic Cornish Hampers, we know how important it is to celebrate our mums and all they do for us. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 8 Mother’s Day Gift Hampers that are sure to impress. Whether your mum is a fan of gin, chocolate,

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South-Coast-Bakery-Steak-Pasty-F (1)

The History of the Cornish Pasty

Monday, 10th of February 2020

The Cornish Pasty plays a vital role within the culinary heritage of Cornwall. It is an integral part of the tourist experience for many people and the production of Cornish Pasties makes a significant contribution to the Cornish economy. At least 120 million

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Our Guide to Cornish Gin Makers

Thursday, 16th of January 2020

Gin has been produced since the Middle Ages and takes its name from the Dutch word for juniper, which is ‘genever’. It is widely believed that the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’ refers to gin as the specific drink needed to bolster one’s courage. The UK’s

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Guide To The Best Fireworks in Cornwall for New Year’s Eve 2019

Tuesday, 17th of December 2019

New Year’s Eve (NYE) is the next big event after Christmas and if you want to ring in the new year in style we have a list of the top firework shows happening in Cornwall. What better way to take in the show than with one of our hampers, we will recommend

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Our Guide to Cornish Cider Makers

Friday, 29th of November 2019

Cider has a long and rich history which dates back to pre 55 BC. When the Greeks and Romans sailed to the British Isles, they discovered that the locals were drinking a cider-like drink made from apple. Traditionally created for farm labourers, who would sometimes

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