Let's face it - fudge always tastes good. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, a bag of fudge just relaxes the mood... But if you thought that enjoying fudge begins and ends with simply opening a bag and tucking in, you'd be wrong!

So here are our favourite ways of enjoying fudge at work, home, on the move and everything else in-between!

#1. Straight Out Of The Bag

It's the #1 way of enjoying your fudge, so get your hands dirty with a packet of your favourite flavour- best enjoyed in the cosy confines your living room while binge-watching your favourite TV show.

#2. Create A Cheese Fudge Board

Sliced cheddar, brie and crackers are great, but who doesn't love something sweet? Create a fudge board to impress by adding some double chocolate in the centre, some strawberry & cream squares on the side and a few clotted cream pieces to finish off your perfect platter. Great for any special occasion with friends and family or just because!

#3. Elevenses With Coffee

If you can feel that pre-lunch lethargy coming on, switch up your everyday snacks with a packet of your favourite fudge and match it with your cuppa of choice. It's an irresistible combination, just try it.

#4. Make A Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake

We know it's an unlikely occurrence, but if you do happen to have some leftover fudge that you're not sure what to do with, why not get creative? Bake yourself a fudge cheesecake, a batch of brownies or fudge chip cookies - there's plenty of recipes around and it's great if you want to add a fudge themed twist to a party or special celebration!

#5. With Red Wine

Settle down with a rich, full bodied glassful of Polgoon Red Rondo Pinot and a few squares of your favourite double chocolate fudge. What more could you want?

#6. In A Hot Chocolate

If you're a hot chocolate purist, the chances are you've adorned your favourite comfort drink with a mini marshmallows, hundreds-and-thousands and a touch of cream... We suggest grating a block of fudge on top for the most lavish hot chocolate experience yet.

#7. As A Gift To Someone Special...

Let someone you love in know all your fudge tasting secrets with a little help from our Classic Cornish Fudge Box. Comes with no less than four of our epically indulgent flavours for you to enjoy whenever the sweet-treat-cravings strike!

Post By Ed Mason