Pulling off the perfect afternoon tea party is easy when you know how, and at Classic Cornish Hampers we like to think we know a thing or to! So where exactly do you start?

A quintessentially British tea party needn't be an overly lavish and costly affair, in fact, a truly elegant and memorable party can be done very easily on a modest budget - all it requires is a few easy-to-follow steps...

Getting Started...

An afternoon tea party is THE perfect time to get out our best china, so raid the dresser and pull out your favourite cake stands, tea sets, napkins, doilies, name cards and anything else you fancy - - a cream tea bash is probably your best excuse to use pull out all the stops.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Bold bunting, brightly coloured table cloth, vibrant patterns can all make an appearance out your scone eating celebration. For a thoughtful finishing touch make sure you include a few paper bags and napkins for your guests to take a few leftover pieces of cake home with them!

Welcome Drinks

From sugar to milk, everything should be set and ready for your guests to start pouring. Make sure you have a relatively wide range of different teas of you and your guests to try. If you're throwing your party in the middle of a hot summer, opt for a refreshing iced tea and maybe a few glasses fizz, freshly squeezed orange juice or even a pitcher of Pimm's!

Assemble The Spread

At the centre of the ultimate cream tea spread is a tiered cake stand that you can fill with a selection of scrumptious indulgences. Depending on the number tiers, place your sandwiches on the lowest level, scones on the lower or middle layer, and cupcakes and sweet treats on the upper levels.

And Finally, The Scones

Scones can be made and eaten on the day of your party, but if you want to save yourself the time, order your handmade traditional scones from us and refrigerate them as soon as they arrive for a hassle-free experience.

Post By Ed Mason