Sitting down with a cream tea scone is synonymous with heritage, elegance and delicious simplicity. Those who love cream teas are often sticklers for tradition, choosing to eat their scone in a certain way... But what if you want to try something just a little bit different?

If your cream tea routine is getting a little stale, Classic Cornish Hampers are here to inject some creativity into your favourite pastime, giving you some alternative ways of indulging in your scone obsession.

#1. American Style - In England round is the default shape for all traditional cream teas...but why not take some inspiration from across the pond? Cooking the dough in a circular shape and then cutting it into 6-8 triangular segments will not only ensure minimal wastage when baking, but you'll also get even more surface area to spread your favourite toppings on top!

#2. 'Jammy Dodger' inspired scones - get a little bit creative with scones inspired by a childhood favourite! Simply roll up your dough into a ball, using the end of your rolling pin to make an indentation and fill with jam. One baked, drizzle in icing or white chocolate for a super sweet finishing touch.

#3. Keep it simple - scones packed with fruit and raisins sometimes taste just as good without a topping, so why not take things back to basics?

#4. Savoury favourites - proving that scones don't have to be sweet! You can try packing your favourite scone with bacon, cheese and onion for little pasty-like snacks that everyone will love.

#5. Fitness Fanatic's choice - turn your favourite scone into a post-workout snack. If you want to get some extra protein into your diet without compromising on your favourite treats get whey protein powder, coconut oil and eggs at the ready for this one...

#6. A chocoholic's fantasy - if you want to make your favourite cream tea an activity of complete indulgence, create rich, sweet and irresistible chocolate scones for the perfect birthday or afternoon treat.

#7. Straight out of the oven! - nothing tastes better than piping hot scones straight off the baking sheet. Don't wait for them to cool - grab them while they're hot!

#8. One for the coffee lovers - give your cream tea a kick with a recipe that includes 1/2 cup of strong coffee and chocolate chips for the ultimate 4pm pick-me-up.

Post By Ed Mason