Just when you thought you knew everything about the afternoon cream tea, Classic Cornish decide the throw you a curveball! If you're looking to add an eclectic twist to your scone snack, we've put together some of our favourite toppings, and right now, we're keeping it sweet!

Rocky road

You know the score - it's milk chocolate, mini marshmallows and biscuit-y sprinkles, all on top of your scrumptious scone base.

Lemon Curd

A zesty combination of curd, berries and a little whipped cream all on top or sandwiched in-between two halves of your scone.

Classic Jam & Cream

We'd be doing the scone purists a massive disservices if we didn't include this in our list, but we've added a little twist. Once you've added your cream and jam - you decide which goes first! - we add a little wisp of candy floss for a slightly sweeter and more dainty touch.

Mexican Sweet Chilli Scones

This topping requires a little extra preparation - make yourself some Mexican scones and top them off with 80 grams of butter and 2 teaspoons of sweet chilli sauce.

Black Forest

A favourite for cake lovers, condensed into a stunningly sweet topping... Black Forest Gateau scones begin with black cherry jam, a generous helping of mascarpone, dusted with cocoa powder and finished off with crumbly, flaky chocolate and a

Spread scones with black cherry jam. Top with a dollop of mascarpone whisked with icing sugar. Dust with cocoa powder. Top with a shard of Cadbury Flake and a mini maraschino cherry for each scone.

Blueberry, Syrup & Cream Cheese

Simple yet totally effective, this irresistible trio consists of a traditional cream cheese base, topped with blueberries and drizzle and finished of with a delicate touch of syrup.

Post By Ed Mason