Fresh, warm and fluffy scones really add a sense of occasion to any social gathering or garden kickback in the sunshine.

However, the difference between a good afternoon tea and a great one depends on how you use the variety of different spreads available to you. Although there are certain types of toppings that you can use all the time, even the most staunch scone lover may have neglected a few of the most deliciously obvious and irresistibly creative accompaniments to this classic treat.

However you choose to bring your scone celebration to life, Classic Cornish Hampers give you 7 Fantastic Scone Spreads & Toppers you need to get using today.

Clotted Cream

Clotted cream, Cornish cream, Devonshire cream - whatever you like to call it - is a crucial creamy component to your afternoon tea. The question is, which goes on first? The jam or the clotted cream?

You can find out the answer to the most contentious of scone based questions in our previous blog, The Best Way To Eat A Cream Tea.

Lemon Curd

This super refreshing condiment can either be bought easily on the high street or made at home using a great lemon curd recipe.

This zesty addition is perfect for adding a delicious summery vibe to your alfresco scone spread.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar, confectioner's sugar or icing sugar is a sugary topping that has been milled into a superfine consistency and perfect for pretty much every kind of scone you can think of!

It tastes great when dusted on your cream tea treats and also adds a little touch of luxury when lightly sieved over your freshly baked scones.


Honey is one of those spreads with a really distinctive personality, adding a lot to your scones and very different depending on where and when it's made.

Whether your honey is better for drizzling or spreading, one thing's for sure, you'll always love it with whatever tea time temptations you've got on offer.


It's another quintessential scone topper that needs no real introduction. Once you've settled the score on whether you're a jam or clotted cream first kind of person, grab some classic plain scones or chocolatey scones add apply a thick dollop of your favourite fruit conserve to achieve the best results. We would highly recommend either Boddington's Strawberry Jam or Healey's Blackcurrant & Port Jam for the most authentic scone experience possible.

Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Because who can say no to chocolate? Not only is homemade chocolate completely irresistible, but it can also really help turn your scones into something far more versatile - for afternoon teas as well as desserts with a difference.


Cheese is a great way of getting experimental with scones. Whether you like yours blue, mature, mild, hard or soft, put together a tasting plate of all the various types for your guests to try!

Post By Ed Mason