If botanical distilled spirits are your style, then you will know that the popularity of gin has skyrocketed in the past few years.

A spirit that was once seen as a drink enjoyed only in Eastenders, gin is now seeing a comeback and is available in so many different blends and infusions that we are welcoming the revival of this lovely spirit. However there are some that need a little more convincing as they have had a bad experience with gin or simply just don’t like the idea of it. At Classic Cornish Hampers we love gin and of course want everyone else to love it as well. So for those that still shake their heads when offered gin at a bar, take a look at our 5 rules to follow and you just may be a convert.

Choose a good quality gin

This is almost a given right? Well you would be surprised at how many choose a low quality gin and then feel let down by the spirit. Like most spirits, wines and beers it is all about the quality. Choose a high quality gin and you can enjoy a high quality drink.

Try gin in a cocktail

Gin neat is quite a harsh flavour, however it is such a versatile spirit that it lends itself well to a variety of cocktails such as a Martini, Gimlet or Negroni. Cocktails aren’t designed to mask the flavour of gin, but instead enhance its unique quality. Experiment with a few different cocktails until you find a blend you like.

Look out for good pairings

You don’t have to go fancy with a cocktail, but you can easily enhance the flavour of gin by adding a splash of tonic. If you enjoy berry flavours then try a tonic that has a hint of raspberry. If you choose a gin that has an infusion that you think you may like such as rose or citrus, then choose a complimenting tonic and create a mild and refreshing drink that you like.

Try gin with ice

It is said by experts that gin is best enjoyed with ice as it cools down the drink and enhances its flavour. Try lots of ice in your next gin based cocktail for a refreshing tipple.

Choose the right glass

Strange we know, but the type of glass you use for a gin cocktail can actually alter its flavour profile. If you like a Tom Collins, the a high ball glass works just fine, however if you really want to enjoy the unique flavours of your cocktail go for a balloon glass. A balloon glass actually stops the ice from melting too quickly so the gin stays less diluted for longer.

We hope that these simple rules to drinking gin will help with your gin drinking experience. For our full range of Cornish Gins click here.



Post By Ed Mason